Street Marketing & Roadshow

Street Marketing & Roadshow

Putting your image in to the hands of our efficient, smiling and dedicated professionals, this our passion. We can host your Events or promote your brand all over France for your needs of Congress, Marketing Operations, Street Marketing Road Shows
Certified  Quality and an International Client Service Level. 

Whatever the nature of your event, a most professional approach will have an impact on your brand. You can expect from our trained staff the highest standards of professionalism , but they are also specially selected in engaging audiences to deliver and achieve your campaign’s objective. We like to bring a modern touch with diversity and respect.

Street marketting is genrally an underestimated media, yet it helps create a bond with the local public, forever renewing itself. This helps companies create a “buzz” and communicate directly with the target customers using a physical support totally geared and designed to represent your company’s brand in order to develop your local clientele.
The strategy of a successful street marketing campaign has to be perfectly orchestrated with a detailed marketting study, a relevant effective scenario, a programmed path and right timing. These are the crucial elements needed in the introduction of your brand image within a controlled environment.
Our staff of hosts and hostesses have been chosen for their skills in communication, their dynamism and their capcity in presenting brand images. Chosen either by a casting operation or through a selfie recruitement competition for city-brand campaigns, and for more selective brands , a personalised casting is organised.. Our dedicated selective team can offer you an impressive array of talents in a very short time, via a photoboard or a personnalised Youtube channel…
In every big city in France we provide staff of hosts and hostesses as required for your major events:

  • Distribution of flyers (windshields – Subway exits – train stations – concert halls and theatre halls – sports events with customised advertising in the colors of the company (goodies – tote bags – balloons – panels – baseball caps – clothing).
  • Guérilla marketing  – Roadshow – Brand marketing – Brand contents – seasonal shows – Animations tools for your advertising and communication endeavors.
  • Masquerade costumes (personalities – mascots) – Happenings – FlashMob

  • Thanks to the impact of our most relevant professional quality services, monitored through daily reportings, these direct marketting campaigns will enable you in fine to generate immediate quantifiable returns, to create a ‘buzz’ for your brand image, becoming the brand’s direct contact with prospective customers locally.

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