To welcome a VIP directly at the airport or a group of participants, clients or VIP’s, our multilingual hostesses and experienced hostesses handle the welcoming of your clients in trains station and airports all over France.
From arrival to departure, our hostesses coordinate and insure their check-in, subsequent transportation to their hotel.

You need to find the staff perfectly adapted to your needs, ensuring reliability and efficiency. You need to replace your receptionist within the hour? We have one for you. Looking for reliability, efficiency and controlled costs ?
We have the solution.

  • Our Standard of Exellence : The role of our agency is to offer you a service catering to your personnalised needs within a rigourous and efficient operational framework.
  • Your Expectations : A fluidity of communications all the while respecting your working instructions and procédures, all monitored by our supervisory framework. Enhance your recception area and desk thanks to our professionalism, our friendly trained staff immediately responding to your needs and operational. Experience the serenity that comes from impeccable service . We can garantee throughout France an optimal service with immediate reactivity thanks to our innovating technology using uninterrupted geolocalisation .
  • Our Priorities : We give ourselves the means to accompany you with flexibility, transparence and reactivity in order to build together a welcoming reception true to your image and values..
  • Our Values : A company pioneering in The Societal Responsibilities of Companies regarding salaried employees, our hosts and hostesses are dynamic, motivated and reliable thanks to a compensation policy deemed appropriate with the quality of the work demanded..

    You need a temporary replacement for your reception desk during the annual leave of your personnel or you are looking for a long term solution for the customer reception of your vivitors? Exelle has the solution for you!
  • «Our staff speaks the language of your clients»

    CONTACT US : +331 45 89 41 67