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Exelle Paris, prestigious Staffing Agency founded in 2006 has build its reputation for excellence in Service and its aptitude to answer to your needs with the highest level of reactivity, creativity and availability with a dedicated team.
To represent your brand’s image with talent, focus and dedication, that’s our passion.
Front Line Personnel, Promotion and Event Staffing, Brand Ambassadors, Roadshows, Street Marketing, we always have a service to fit your needs.
The values that we believe in and that cement our teams together are based on respect of diversity, kindness, openness, elegance and a passion for innovation.

The unique experience our Brand Ambassadors give to your events creates the bond that enables a campaign to reach , influence and deliver the rewarding objectives. Exelle uses talents with a very independent, creative and experiential approach , thus creating memorable campaigns. We strive with exellence to accompany you in every step of your campaign. The experience is an exceptional event for the client and the staff alike.

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